In 2017 the team will focus on acquiring the boat specific skills necessary to perform in the 49er class. Coaches, training partners and time on the water will be key to climbing the learning curve quickly. While boat handling will be the top priority, they will also need to establish the routines that will be necessary to carry them through the quad. Physical fitness, logistics planning, and campaign management will be some of the other priorities.



In 2018 the team will strive to expand their 49er experiences by traveling to international events. Spending time with the highest performing teams in the world will challenge them to take their skills to the next level. Ian and Mitchell will seek out training partners that will compliment each other.



In 2019 the team will put their training to the test in key international events.  They will focus on putting together complete regattas and assessing their performance level. They will take this information back to training camps to make modifications along the way for continuous improvement and peak performances in 2020.



Ian and Mitchell will strive to peak as a team both mentally and physically going into the Olympic year. In 2020 their four-year strategy will be put to the test at the two most important events, the US Olympic Trials, and then ultimately the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Continue development of 49er -specific boat handling skills


Continue equipment tuning guide development


Identify training group


Training Locations:

North America and Europe

Focus efforts on USA Olympic 49er Team Selection Events


Medal at 2020 Tokyo Olympic event





Compete in International Championship Events


Performance Assessment


Training Locations:

North America, Europe and Japan

49er specific boat handling skills development


Equipment tuning guide development


Establish physical development program


Training Locations:

North America – East